企业理念 Corporate Philosophy


(1) Break through a single business mode and build a complete value chain for production and sales.


In recent years, Haining China Leather City has continued to innovate and expand market functions through the integration of upstream and downstream industries in the leather industry value chain, and strove to create a deep service platform that meets the requirements of industrial development.


(2) Break through a traditional business mode and increase added value of the market with fashion.


The managers of the Leather City recognize that the cultivation and management of the modern market is not simply about shops for rent, but instead it is a good service focusing on the upstream and downstream value chain of the leather industry to promote the added value of the commodities and thus increase the added value of the entire market.


The Leather City strives to build Haining headquarters as the “China Leather Fashion Trend Release Center” and to enhance its fashion influence. On the one hand, high-profile fashion events such as the release of fashion trends in China and China Leather Fashion Week are held locally in Haining. Among them, it has cooperated with CCTV in releases for four times. Haining Leather City was therefore awarded the title of the CCTV China Fashion Trend Release Base. On the other hand, it has actively organized companies to go out with the overall image of Haining leather, including the participation of delegations in well-known exhibitions at home and abroad, and conducted fashion releases at the exhibition; organized enterprises in the major cities throughout the country to hold fashion releases through activities including fashion leather travel, “Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal • Leader City Fashion” and Fashion City Tour, so that consumers across the country can feel the fashion charm of Haining leather.


Breakthroughs in the traditional business mode have brought about an increase in the added value of market fashion, thus greatly enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the market.

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