市场总览 Market Overview


In 1994, Haining Leather City was completed and started business. After more than 20 years of development, Haining has become a city of leather fashion, a leading market in China’s leather industry, a distribution center for leather clothing, fur clothing, fur clothing, leather luggage, fur, leather and footwear, a leather price information, market and trend information center, an internationally renowned specialized leather market.

目前总部市场设有A座(综合购物广场)、 B座(皮装•鞋业广场)、C座(皮草广场)、D座(裘皮广场)、E座(女装馆)、F座(品牌馆)、G座标(四季时装馆)、H座(批发中心电商配送中心)、AD天桥(皮毛一体区)、CF天桥(羊绒时装区)、海宁会展中心以及原辅料市场、品牌风尚中心等区块。辽宁佟二堡、江苏沭阳、四川成都、湖北武汉、黑龙江哈尔滨、山东济南、新疆乌鲁木齐、重庆、河南郑州、四川南充、山西怀仁十二大连锁(含品牌授权)市场均已建成开业。目前市场经营户上万家,年客流量超千万,年成交额数百亿元,领衔全国。

At present, the headquarters market includes Block A (Integrated Shopping Plaza), Block B (Leather Clothing & Shoes Plaza), Block C (Fur Plaza), Block D (Fur Plaza), Block E (Women’s Wear Mall), Block F (Brand Mall), Block G (Four-Season Fashion Mall), Block H (Wholesale Center and E-Commerce Distribution Center), Skybridge AD (Integrated Leather & Fur Market), Skybridge CF (Cashmere Fashion Market), Haining Convention & Exhibition Center and Raw Materials & Accessories Market, Brand Fashion Center and so on. 12 chain markets respectively in Tongerbao of Liaoning, Shuyang of Jiangsu, Chengdu of Sichuan, Wuhan of Hubei, Harbin of Heilongjiang, Jinan of Shandong, Urumqi of Xinjiang, Chongqing, Zhengzhou of Henan, Nanchong of Sichuan and Huairen of Shanxi (including brand licensing) have been completed and started business. At present, the market accommodates more than 10,000 commercial tenants. The annual customer traffic has exceeded 10 million. The annual volume of business amounts to tens of billions of Yuan, leading in China.


企业概况 Company Profile


Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and got listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Now we have 26 subsidiaries, in which our company holds all shares or a controlling stake. The number of employees has exceeded 1,500. Keeping the mission and original aspiration in mind, guided by the “Red Boat” spirit, our company is always committed to serving the Chinese leather industry, leading leather end product manufacturers, raw materials and accessories suppliers, leather designers, product operators to build a service platform and value sharing platform covering the whole industry chain from product design and development to production and sales. We have shaped Haining Leather, the model of industry clusters, become a leather fashion highland in the world and created the unique specialized market development model——Haining Leather Model.


In recent years, our company has upgraded and expanded to the fashion industry and taken a series of actions toward China’s High-End Autumn / Winter Fashion Base and “City of Fashion”, to start the next golden 20 years.


At the same time, our company has implemented a multi-dimensional layout and steadily started development in the health industry as our second major business sector. We have opened Haining Leather City Rehabilitation Hospital to explore the cloud rehabilitation base and the new integrated rehabilitation model of Internet+ Healthcare.

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